Today’s Solutions: November 30, 2022

While it may not be so hard to start living a healthier lifestyle, maintaining one can be very challenging. Having said this, here are five little tweaks to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Get real with yourself about what truly feels good

All too often people try to follow a diet or exercise plan that may sound great on paper but doesn’t quite work for them. So to start, be honest with yourself. You could try a food-mood journal or simply pay attention to what foods you gravitate toward and why. Notice your natural energy and appetite ebbs and flows. And resist the urge to get judgmental, even if it’s different from what you see around you! 

Embrace routine

Having a consistent but flexible routine (for example, an at-home and a travel version) with little habits that help you feel grounded and keep you on track can make it easier for you to stay consistent with healthy habits. And while you may think of “routines” as boring, it’s really up to you to design a routine that you can enjoy day in, day out.

Schedule yourself in

Your calendar isn’t only for planning things that you need to do for other people. Block out times on your calendar and put your name in there. By doing this, you remind yourself that your well-being matters just as much as other priorities.

Set boundaries

Stop glorifying “busy” schedules and set boundaries with your time and energy. This way you can devote more to what will truly serve you in the bigger picture.

Make a loneliness game plan

Feeling lonely can tempt us to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Come up with a plan of concrete things you can do when that loneliness starts to creep in and be honest about your weak spots. Instead of mindless snacking, for instance, turn to something else that will keep you on track.

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