Today’s Solutions: January 21, 2022

Yesterday we shared our ultimate guide to choosing the best carbon offsets. Another increasingly popular carbon reduction strategy for mitigating the effects of climate change is carbon capture. Climeworks is a carbon capture company based in Switzerland. The vast majority of the CO2 they remove gets stowed deep underneath Iceland, in natural formations made of basalt, but some of it may end up in your fizzy drinks.

You might be asking: how does it work? The company’s CO2 collectors are installed within a frame or individually near a source of energy and capture carbon. This carbon is then sold to drink companies, greenhouses, and renewable fuel manufacturers. A single collector can remove about 50 tons of carbon annually. That is about the annual carbon footprint of a single American. 

Carbon capture is not the most effective way to slow climate change. Prioritizing renewable energy and adopting widespread carbon-reducing habits such as flying less, eating less meat, and taking public transportation are more effective for preventing carbon emissions in the first place. Although very expensive, carbon capture is a valuable tool for removing carbon as it is emitted and reaching international climate targets. 

The next time you enjoy a carbonated beverage, think about how the bubbles may be helping reduce climate change and consider additional ways you can contribute to the larger goal of reducing emissions in your own day to day life.

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