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Big companies are using tech tools to improve employee sleep habits

We at the Optimist Daily are big advocates of the power of sleep. These days, it also seems more big companies are hopping on board and promoting better sleep habits to boost productivity and beat burnout. And they’re turning to technology to help them do so.

The athletic company, New Balance, is using the Dayzz app to give employees personal recommendations for better sleep. These include sending a text at bedtime to remind users to put away their screens or suggesting they listen to some music if it is taking them longer than usual to fall asleep.

Technology plays a critical role in these systems. BlackRock, the asset management firm, uses Oura Ring activity trackers to measure the impact of exercise and earlier bedtimes. The company selected volunteers to participate in its pilot research program and have about 100 employees on board. The biggest effect of the programs is awareness. Paying attention to your sleep habits is a great tool for ameliorating them. 

Some industries, such as transportation, have been studying employee sleep quality for years. Southeastern Freight Lines started working with FusionHealth in 2011 to test its truck drivers for sleep apnea. 

Diving deeper into the links between sleep quality and productivity, stress, and mental health allows employers and employees to work together to create a more ideal work environment. More knowledge on the subject is the first step and technology makes studying these lifestyle factors easier than ever.

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