Today’s Solutions: March 25, 2023

The #MeToo movement launched in October 2017. Critics have been outspoken against allegations which some claim has “gone too far,” but this week’s Weinstein sentencing demonstrates the validity and importance of listening to women to achieve equality and safety in the workplace. Weinstein’s 23-year sentence is a powerful message about the importance of zero-tolerance policies towards harassment in the workplace, even when that workplace is Hollywood. 

This particular high profile case demonstrates that holding perpetrators accountable for their actions is important regardless of status in an industry. It also validates that #MeToo has not gone too far when it is regularly unearthing valid and inexcusable claims of harassment in the workplace. Although Weinstein was not even the first high profile allegation of the movement (Bill Cosby and Larry Nassar were both accused of sexual harassment earlier in 2017), the court ruling on his allegations shows how the movement has not gone too far if the result is guilty men behind bars and some justice for their victims.

Last year we talked about how the #MeToo movement has changed our world for the better. Yes, Harvey Weinstein is just one individual, but he symbolizes the fact that society will no longer tolerate unacceptable behavior even from high-status members of our industries.

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