Today’s Solutions: December 01, 2021

In the last month, the world has seen an unprecedented change in the way we live daily life and we’ve all been figuring out just how we will persevere, making it through these difficult times. The fear surrounding COVID-19 seems to be spreading faster than the virus itself. Fortunately, we’ve also seen a brilliant spreading of something else. We call it Positive Emotional Contagion. In the last week, we’ve seen our traffic spike 160% over previous weeks, as we’ve observed a global population looking for solutions, for optimism, and for a positive way to approach these changing times. We know just how important our job is here at The Optimist Daily and have been reinforced by your commitment to our solutions focused journalism. 

Now truly is a time to focus on the solutions around the world, and on the positivity that is rising up out of uncertainty and confusion.

This last week, we have made sure to continue providing your daily dose of positivity – with a healthy dose of solutions surrounding the COVID-19 virus – to make sure we can provide some stress relief. We believe in the power of this Positive Emotional Contagion, and that we can make good feelings and good news just as prevalent in the world.

Whether it’s Italians singing on their balconies, Spaniards applauding Health Care workers every night, grocery stores shifting their shopping hours to protect elderly and immuno-compromised populations, financial institutions lifting obligations and extending payment periods, or the spirited social connection with physical distance we’ve seen here in the United States as people go out for exercise, waving and smiling at one another, the world is determined to come through this stronger. We are convening as a global community.  

We invite all our readers to send us story leads, things you see people doing that are good, news that we should cover. Who do you see leading the charge in change for good in your community? Help us continue to facilitate Positive Emotional Contagion around the world. Send us an email at or message us on Facebook, Instagram or @us on Twitter! (@TheOptimistDaily)

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And now, here are some of the solutions we have found, to make your day just a bit brighter.


Though there isn’t yet a vaccine for the virus, the world of medicine is busy working on solutions to possible cures and to create healthy and safe environments. Many areas have canceled large events and are encouraging individuals to stay home to help lower infection rates and reduce pressure on medical facilities. The goal of this is to flatten out the curve of the disease’s spread and slow the inundation of patients on medical facilities and employees. There is also a pharmaceutical company in Japan that is using the blood plasma of patients who have already contracted the virus to try and save the lives of those infected. More than a century ago, during the Spanish flu pandemic, researchers realized that injecting plasma from someone who’d recovered from the flu improved the likelihood that a person with a severe case would survive and the hope is we can find the same result for COVID-19. Learn more here!


If you are wondering what you can do on your own to alleviate the social symptoms of COVID-19, we have found many positive solutions to help you get through the difficult times. 

Millions of children around the world are currently out of school – adding pressure on parents wondering how to maintain academics for their children, or even just how to explain the complex situation the world is facing. These solutions can help you put together a plan and help keep your kids happy and learning. One reader wrote in about how she is now part of her granddaughter’s home-school schedule: each day they have a video call appointment so that little Lucy can practice Spanish with her grandma.  We think this is a brilliant way to stay emotionally connected with distant family, and sharpen language skills! Ultimately, take advantage of this time at home to rest, practice hobbies, and enjoy some quality family time.  Boardgame anyone? 

We have also found some solutions for those looking to help their community and their friends, loved ones, and coworkers. In a time of so much stress on the social aspects of life, try reading these 5 ways you can support your community. Limit your shopping trips, support small businesses when possible, be a good neighbor, and follow credible news sources! For those of us still working, and figuring out how to adapt to the new structure of working from home and a new coworker dynamic, focus on how you can be a leader and help those around you adapt or do research on how to make the most of your new work environment. Take some time to learn how to navigate avoiding a kitchen full of snacks, pushing your cat off your keyboard, and managing your kids yelling in the other room like a pro!


If you are just looking for some uplifting stories about how we are all coming together to help each other, there are plenty of those as well. From landlords making sure employees still get paid, to British stores ensuring safe shopping experiences for the elderly or U-Haul providing free storage to displaced college students, and even Italians doing what Italians do best, the world is doing everything it can to provide support in every way possible. There is still so much good happening in the world and we hope that The Optimist Daily can be your source for positivity when things get tough!

And despite the uncertainty and confusion we all seem to be experiencing, with the daily changes to our lives and the adaptation it requires, remember that the fear can spread faster than any virus. And you have the power to slow it down!

So join us at The Optimist Daily and send this onto anyone you know who needs a lift.

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