Today’s Solutions: September 26, 2022

In Canada, a six-year-old by the name of Callaghan McLaughlin has taken to heart the old wisdom that laughter is the best medicine.

For the past week, the youngster has been running a joke stand at the end of his driveway, offering free laughs to his neighbors and passersby. Through his jokes stand, Callaghan has been able to regain the joy of interacting with neighbors—something his mother says he was sorely missing. Callaghan opens his stand at 10 a.m. and manages about an hour of wisecracks before taking a “12-minute” lunch break (his mom says it’s closer to 90 minutes). He comes back for a second round in the afternoon, telling one-liner jokes that he memorized from a kid-friendly joke book.

Here’s a joke out of Callaghan’s catalog: “What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?” Wait for it. “Arghhh”.

Although Callaghan has been working the jokes stand day-in, day-out, the little man thought it was important to offer the service for free. “I want people to save their money for other things,” he said. “Some people need money for groceries now instead of jokes.”

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