Today’s Solutions: October 04, 2022

Silicon Valley is famous for its tech scene, but it is also home to the animal sanctuary Sweet Farm. Now, the farm is getting cozier with its tech neighbors and renting out farm animals to add some flair to Zoom meetings. 

For $100, companies can hire a llama or goat to make a virtual appearance on a video conference. The program is called Goat 2 Meeting, a clever play on the meeting software GoToMeeting, and the revenue is being used to make up for lost income during COVID-19 shutdowns. 

According to co-founder Anna Sweet, the farm has received over 300 requests since launching the program in mid-March. A group of lawyers even brought their kids onto the call to get a virtual tour of the farm. 

If your Zoom meetings are falling into a rut, consider adding an animal companion to spice things up. At a time of heightened personal and economic anxiety, a llama face in your morning meeting might be just the key to boosting people’s spirits. 

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