This company makes it so easy to transition your home to renewable energy

If you already use a reusable coffee cup, bike to work, and have your own compost bin, you might be asking yourself, what else can I do to reduce my carbon footprint? A new app from a company called Arcadia could be the solution in taking your personal environmental action to the next level. 

The company’s mission is to “make clean energy an easy choice” which they do by connecting individuals to renewable utilities. Using the app, you can simply type in your zip code and the tech platform matches you with low-cost, sustainable wind and solar energy.

You can connect the service to your utility account in just two minutes and then pay your bill through Arcadia’s platform. In addition to your new green energy source, the platform will track your energy data to see your usage progress. It will also help you understand where you use your energy and how much money you’re saving over time. The best part? Arcadia is good for the planet and your wallet. You’re guaranteed to not spend more than you would with your current utility company, but many customers will even save by using Arcadia. 

Taking the initiative to invest in solar or wind power for your home can be daunting, but tapping into existing renewable energy sources is a great low-commitment middle step if you’re not ready to put those panels on your roof quite yet. Arcadia is an easy, affordable, and simple solution for reducing your carbon footprint.

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