Today’s Solutions: November 29, 2021

Amidst all the stress of these uncertain times, it’s vital to find ways to relax. One great way to help you unwind is by using bath salts (the sprinkle-in-the-bath kind, not the turn-you-into-a-zombie kind).

Typically, they’re made from Epsom salt and essential oils. You can add a scoop to your bath, shower, a foot soak, or use them as a gentle exfoliating body scrub. They combine the benefits of magnesium-rich Epsom salts with essential oil aromatherapy, helping you to relax muscles and your mind. They also provide some great skin benefits, such as softening and exfoliating. Bath salts are pretty straightforward. Once you’ve found the one you like, there are several ways you can use them. Here you’ll find a few examples.

In the bath: Using bath salts in the bath is how most people enjoy them, and it’s a way to experience the most benefits from using them. The salts can relax sore muscles and promote good sleep, all while providing aromatherapy benefits and mild skin exfoliating benefits too. Just sprinkle 1 cup of bath salts into a warm bath, allow salts to dissolve, then soak in the tub for about 20 minutes.

In the shower: To enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of bath salts, sprinkle some bath salts along the floor of your shower. When the hot water and steam hit the bath salts, they’ll dissolve — creating a personal aromatherapy sauna just for you.

For exfoliation: To very gently exfoliate and soften your skin, combine 1/2 cup bath salts with a drizzle of body oil like sweet almond oil or coconut oil, and scrub trouble spots like elbows and knees, or bottoms of the feet. Bath salts are way too abrasive for the face, so use as a body scrub only. And again, gently so as not to create micro-tears in the skin with those salt crystals. FYI we don’t recommend sugar scrubs for the face either.

For a foot soak: In a foot bath or a large basin, sprinkle 1/4 to 1/2 cup bath salts into warm water. Soak your feet and relax, allowing the bath salts to gently soften your skin. This is an essential step for a DIY home pedicure.

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