Today’s Solutions: August 10, 2022

If you’re looking to buy an electric vehicle in Germany, you’re in luck! Government subsidies aimed at boosting an electric kickstart to the auto industry means leasing the best-selling five-door Renault Zoe EV is now essentially free.

Individuals and families who put off buying a new vehicle during the pandemic due to shuttered showrooms are now flocking back to purchase their next car. Germany and France both want to ensure that the next car is electric with significant EV incentives. 

Showrooms in Germany are reporting unprecedented demand to take advantage of nearly 9,000 euro subsidy per vehicle. This, combined with other incentives, means that private drivers in Germany can lease an electric car for as little as 39 euros a month. Other countries are pursuing similar measures. In the Netherlands, consumers used up an entire $11.3 million subsidies grant by the Dutch government in a record eight days.

European countries are leading the way towards an all-electric future of transportation. Many areas, such as the UK and the city of Brussels have initiated plans to ban diesel vehicles and Germany will soon require all gas stations to offer electric charging stations as well. 

Subsidizing green vehicles helps accelerate the transition to clean energy and emissions. Reduced costly climate change impacts down the road make these subsidies a great solution for saving money and our planet in the long term. 

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