Today’s Solutions: June 26, 2022

The Kamp Solutions Summer 2020 magazine features great stories with solutions ranging from politics to food to sustainability. If you love The Optimist Daily, you’ll love their stories too! Here’s a breakdown of just some of the stories you can read in full at the link at the bottom of the page. 

Greg Steltenpohl, founder of Califa, sees coronavirus as an opportunity for the plant-based movement. We’ve shared many stories about the growing popularity of meatless options. The decline in carbon emissions and increased focus on lifestyle choices for health outcomes has not gone unnoticed during the pandemic and Steltenpohl makes a compelling argument for the value of plant-based products in the fight against climate change, disease, and even future pandemics. 

Sir Roland Richardson painting

Robert F Kennedy is a lawyer and environmental activist who’s name precedes him in the political scene. What does he identify as critical steps to addressing pressing issues from pollution to inequality? Getting big money out of politics. Going all the way back to the Tillman Act of 1907, Kennedy explains the destructive role corporate dollars play in our election cycles.

“Removing the money from politics means you are removing the political power of the oil industry, of the coal industry and the pharmaceutical company and politicians will be free to act on behalf of humanity.” – Robert F. Kennedy

The magazine also features a beautiful art display by Sir Roland Richardson. We particularly love this one of freshly caught fish.

Excerpt from Eileen Fisher feature

Our last feature story from the magazine is an interview with Eileen Fisher on clothing that makes women feel free. Fisher built her success on a brand that emphasizes comfortable elegance over meeting traditional beauty standards. Her clothing philosophy fights against the damaging epidemic of body dysmorphia. A big part of achieving a holistic company is encouraging employees to feel confident in being their authentic selves. Read the full story on page 42 for more details on the company and her work. 

More great stories include a reflection on the COVID-19 pandemic, reconciliation in South Africa, an article on sunlight therapy, and food as our most basic form of medicine. Check out the entire magazine at the Solutions News Source link below!

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