Today’s Solutions: May 19, 2022

The US Postal Services are in trouble. It’s currently running out of government funding and there are concerns that the agency will collapse completely if the government doesn’t approve a substantial aid package to help the USPS weather the COVID-19 storm.  And while the post office will always be important (it handles about 48 percent of the country’s mail, including those annual birthday cards from Grandma), its services are even more essential in 2020 when mail-in voting is expected to increase significantly for the election this November.

So, what can you do to help save the U.S. Postal Service from potential collapse? Here are six suggestions that take less than 2 minutes and can be done without even leaving your couch.

Buy stamps: This is as close to as you can get to donating money directly to the USPS. You don’t even need to utilize those stamps right now, you can save them for later so you’ll never again be caught unprepared when you go to mail your nephew’s birthday card,  your rent check or any thank-you notes.

Sign a petition: Add your name to the growing list of citizens who are petitioning the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Department of the Treasury to provide the post office with adequate monetary aid.

Share information on social media: Or in an email or over the phone or even in a hand-written letter mailed with one of the stamps you bought. Call on your friends, family, and followers to do their part and educate those who have yet to learn what the situation is.

Text USPS to 50409: This one-word text will automatically send a letter to your local representatives using Resistbot and urge them to take action.

Call your representatives: Pick up the phone to tell your representative in your own voice just how imperative it is that they step up to the plate. Not sure who your local representatives are or how to get in touch with them? Just enter your zip code here and you’ll find all the information you need.

Choose USPS shipping when shopping online: If you can choose between different shipping companies, opt for the USPS, and consider shopping from businesses that always use the Postal Service.

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