Today’s Solutions: November 27, 2021

Looking for an inexpensive way to make your morning shower more deluxe? Simple eucalyptus branches will reinvigorate your bath time and give you an at-home spa treatment from the comfort of your own bathroom. Here’s how it works. 

Eucalyptus branches and oil have been used for generations by Aboriginal Tasmanians, Australians, and Torres Strait Islander people for relief from ailments ranging from stomach aches to sore muscles. More recently, studies have looked into the healing powers of eucalyptus and found that the plant has significant anti-inflammatory and congestion-fighting benefits. 

So why in the shower? Placing eucalyptus branches in the shower or bath not only adds some beautiful foliage to your bathroom, but the hot steam also helps release volatile oils and the plant’s invigorating smell. The steam helps these oils hang in the air so you can reap the maximum relaxation and health benefits. 

To make a eucalyptus home spa, simply hang a bunch of leaves from your showerhead or place them on a bathroom shelf. Once their scent begins to fade, it’s time to swap out your branches (usually every 1-2 weeks). 

Spending extra time at home has all of us relishing the simple pleasures and looking for new ways to revamp our living spaces. Eucalyptus branches can be found at most nurseries and even Trader Joes. If eucalyptus grows in your neighborhood you can even harvest the branches yourself! So what are you waiting for? Pick some up today to give your bathroom a refreshing pampered feel.

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