Today’s Solutions: January 31, 2023

We get much more from our relationships with dogs than just companionship. In fact, dogs of every shape and size can be a source of inspiration and support. Below, you’ll find four valuable lessons that dogs can teach us in our spiritual lives.

Being present: Sure, canines live in the modern world of stress and triggers too. Something can generate memory and produce a reaction from a pup in the same way it can a human, but most dogs move on quickly and return to the present moment. This is the wisdom we can learn from our furry companions. While it’s natural to be reactive from time to time, our quality of life is influenced by how quickly we return to our natural state of being.

Acceptance: Transitioning into a new home can be difficult, but most canines have the right attitude to make this transition easy. They tend to be willing to explore a new person or space and embrace whatever is offered to them. The lesson here for humans is to surrender to what is and accept our current reality without the desire to change it. When we acknowledge and truly accept people and circumstances as they are, we lay the groundwork for inner stillness.

Joyful service to others: Dogs act selflessly. Living in the moment means they don’t waste time considering their agenda or thinking of themselves. We can see the joy many dogs get from helping others, too. By observing a dog’s selfless service to others, we’re reminded to give, not out of obligation or guilt, but unconditionally from our heart.

Togetherness: Research has found that canines love spending time with their human friends. Since canines are naturally drawn to life as a pack, they are well-positioned to live in harmony with nature and with others. Humans can learn from this precious quality that dogs tend to have. Focusing on our differences only creates more separation. If we can approach togetherness with a more canine-like perspective, then we are likely to experience deeper connections and more meaningful relationships.

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