Today’s Solutions: September 25, 2022

Those who suffer from migraines know how painful and disruptive they can be, but fortunately, the first clinical study to analyze the impact of green light therapy on patients with migraines found that it can significantly reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches. 

Researchers from the University of Arizona exposed patients to white light for one to two hours a day for 10 weeks, then, after a two-week break, exposed them to the green light for 10 weeks. After analyzing the questionnaires patients used to report on pain and frequency of headaches, they found that simple green light therapy can reduce the intensity of migraines by 60 percent. They also found that a majority reported a reduction in the number of migraines as well. In fact, at the end of the study, 28 of the 29 participants elected to keep their green light and continue to use it. 

“It’s not any green light,” said lead study author Mohab Ibrahim, “It has to be the right intensity, the right frequency, the right exposure time, and the right exposure methods. Just like with medications, there is a sweet spot with light.”

Migraines affect 1 billion people worldwide. This is the first clinical study to assess the effectiveness of light in treating headaches, but the researchers say they already have doctors around the world inquiring about their process. 

Despite how common they are, migraines can be difficult to treat as medications don’t work for all patients. Green light seems to be an incredibly effective, yet simple, solution for managing migraine pain.

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