Today’s Solutions: May 31, 2023

As children, our creativity is regularly encouraged. Through art, games, and play we are constantly expanding our imaginative side, but as we get older, we tend to let our creativity slide. Fortunately, our brains’ plasticity allows us to continue to learn and grow even into old age so it is possible to “reawaken” our creative side. This week’s Thought Leader Series from Deepak Chopra dives into how you can nourish your creativity at any age. 

First, let’s ask ourselves, what is creativity? Creativity can take many forms, but at its root, it is the process of transforming raw energy into something new in the universe. It is a new pattern of thinking that unearths new potential. If you feel your creative side has been neglected, here are some key steps to revive it.

  1. Clarify the outcome. Create a vision of what you want in a positive tone. For example, rather than saying “I want to be less tired,” try “I want to feel more energized in the morning.”
  2. Gather information. We cannot progress very far without knowledge. Inspire your creativity by gathering information in your subject from a variety of sources. Immerse yourself in the field. 
  3. Order your information. Now that you have saturated yourself with knowledge in a specific field, make sense of this information by ordering it by importance and relevance. This can happen literally, such as creating a flow chart, or mentally through meditation. 
  4. Incubate. Access an expanded state of consciousness by reflecting on the information you have gathered. 
  5. Insight. As you reflect on this information, your mind will begin to form new connections and conclusions around it. 
  6. Inspiration. Hand in hand with insight comes inspiration. You will find yourself developing new ideas and patterns of thinking. 
  7. Implementation and integration. It’s time to put your inspiration into action. Incarnate your inspiration into any medium you choose. 

Some of the world’s most innovative leaders credit creativity as a key factor in their success. Creativity allows us to expand upon established understandings of how our world works and discover new ways of thinking. Want more from Deepak Chopra? Check out our Solutions News interview with him this Sunday, September 20, and read the full Thought Leader Series article below. 

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