Today’s Solutions: November 29, 2022

In a step closer towards reaching its goal of full circularity by 2030, IKEA will soon start buying unwanted furniture from its customers for up to 50 percent of the original price — all in a bid to encourage people to take a stand against excessive consumption.

As part of the plan, the Swedish furniture retailer will then resell the products as second-hand furniture, creating a more sustainable solution for getting rid of unwanted furniture.

The “Buy Back” initiative, which launches in time for Black Friday on November 27th, will give participants an IKEA refund card without an expiration date in order to encourage them to only buy items when they actually need them.

The value of the vouchers will depend on the condition of the pieces they are returning. For items deemed “as new” customers will be able to fetch 50 percent of the original price, 40 percent for “very good” pieces, and 30 percent for “well-used” pieces.

IKEA will then resell the furniture in its as-is area. Anything that can’t be resold will either be recycled or donated to community projects. Pieces eligible for the buyback will include dressers, bookcases, dining tables, and chairs.

“Being circular is a good business opportunity as well as a responsibility, and the climate crisis requires us all to radically rethink our consumption habits,” said Hege Sæbjørnsen, a sustainability manager at IKEA.

“Currently, 45 percent of total global carbon emissions come from the way the world produces and uses everyday products, so Buy Back represents an opportunity to address unsustainable consumption and its impact on climate change.”

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