Easy design ideas to make the most of a small home

Spending more time at home can be tough especially if you live in a small space. If you don’t have the luxury of a home office or playroom for your kids, here are design tips to make the most of your home and refresh your living space. 

  1. Get a storable desk. Working at the kitchen table or on the couch can be distracting, uncomfortable, or both. A small folding table or rollable table can be a great workspace that doesn’t take up a whole chunk of your floor space. Simply collapse and store the table or roll it into a corner when you’re not using it. 
  2. Create a restful space of your own. This can be a yoga corner, reading nook, or meditation space. Whatever you love to do in your free time, move around some furniture to make a designated place for relaxation in your home. This can be as small as a yoga mat and Bluetooth speaker for an at-home yoga studio. No matter how small your space, it’s important to make room for rest and joy. 
  3. Get quality bedding. Many of us are experiencing the strain of the pandemic, but sleep is still as important as ever. Treat yourself to high-quality bedding and experience deeper sleep to help you face the day with energy. 
  4. Collect some plants. Improved air quality, better mood, and increased relaxation are all benefits of owning houseplants. They can also revitalize your space to make it feel new and exciting. When it comes to energizing decor, plants can’t be beaten!
  5. Slap on a new coat of paint. Wall color has a big impact on the perceived size of your home and even on your mood! A fresh coat of paint will leave your space feeling crisp and clean. If you’re really adventurous, consider choosing a vibrant color for an accent wall. 
  6. Use a diffuser. Essential oil diffusers can help you relax and make your home smell heavenly. Turning it on when you finish your workday can also help transition the energy of your home from work to rest. 
  7. Create a standing workplace. A standing desk can take up less space in your home and provide physical benefits. 
  8. Paint a mural. Quarantine is especially difficult for artists who usually share their work with the public. If you’re artistic, creating a home mural will revitalize your home. If you’re not a painter, creating a new music playlist to play in your home will also work!

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