UK’s energy companies collaborate on green energy infrastructure project

One of the biggest challenges of transitioning to renewable energy is implementing storage and transportation infrastructure. Fortunately, three of Britain’s largest energy companies are collaborating to build an energy “superhighway” that will help bring renewable energy throughout the country. 

The new project, built by Scottish Power, National Grid, and SSE, will bring Scotland’s vast amounts of wind power to England through giant underwater power cables. The superhighway, called the Eastern Link, will run for more than 270 miles along the east coast of Scotland to the north of England. 

Construction of the new project is set to begin in 2024 and is set to create hundreds of clean energy jobs. It will transport enough energy to power 4.5 million homes in England and hopes to transport 40GW of wind power by 2030, enough to power every home in the country.

The project is in line with the country’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2050. Alistair Phillips-Davies, the chief executive of SSE told The Guardian, “With the eyes on the UK ahead of Cop26 next year, this project clearly demonstrates how the UK is leading the world in tackling the climate emergency and supporting thousands of jobs and supply chain opportunities.”

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