Today’s Solutions: October 03, 2022

During the colder winter months, growing herbs indoors can be more productive and save you a trip out to the chilly garden when you need ingredients. These 10 herbs grow especially well indoors and will offer some delicious flavor to your hearty winter recipes.

  1. Mint. This herb grows so well, some people even call it a weed. It grows well indoors in a wide, shallow pot with indirect light. Keep the soil moist, but not overly wet, for best results. 
  2. Rosemary. This herb can grow to be giant outdoors, but indoors, it can be grown in a large pot with good drainage. This plant likes warmth, so it will do well in a cozy home with access to direct sunlight. 
  3. Basil. An indoor herb classic, basil loves lots of direct sunlight and moist soil.
  4. Parsley. Just sprinkle some parsley seeds in shallow soil, place them in direct sunlight, and you’ll have parsley in no time. Parsley doesn’t mind being crowded in with other plants, so it’s an easy addition to any pot. 
  5. Oregano. If you’re short on counter space, this small pot-loving plant is a great choice. It likes direct sunlight and is drought-resistant, so it doesn’t require a lot of water. 
  6. Thyme. This plant hates soggy roots, so be sure not to overwater and pick a soil combination of sand, potting soil, peat moss, and perlite. Trimming your thyme regularly will keep it healthy and leafy. 
  7. Lemon balm. A relative of mint, this plant does well in a terracotta pot with sandy soil. If it starts to bloom, called bolting, it’s time for a new plant as this will reduce the potency of the leaves. 
  8. Chives. This versatile herb loves light fluctuations, so it’s easy to grow in winter and makes a great addition to anything from breakfast scrambles to baked potatoes. 
  9. Dill. If your wintertime activities also involve picking, dill is a no-brainer. It thrives in shallow pots and will be ready to harvest six to eight weeks after planting. 
  10. Sage. This herb is a staple for so many savory winter recipes. Grow it in sandy soil and harvest leaves by trimming them off the plant at their base. 

Spring and summer are the classic growing season, but the resilience of herbs makes them great for year-round cultivating. Indoor herb planting makes a great winter project and all your new fresh ingredients will inspire you in the kitchen.

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