Today’s Solutions: December 11, 2023

Aviation giant Boeing announced this week that it wants to have all its aircraft to fly on sustainable fuels by 2030.

For safety reasons, the aviation industry regulations currently dictate planes can only use up to a 50/50 blend of conventional jet and sustainable fuels, but Boeing has said it will work with regulatory authorities to show that it’s safe to raise that limit. The company has already shown it to be possible when a FedEx 777 Freighter became the first plane to fly without a conventional fuel blend back in 2018 under the Boeing ecoDemonstrator program.

Engadget reports that sustainable fuels are made from vegetable oil, animal fats, various agricultural and forestry waste, and non-recyclable household waste. Should Boeing actually manage to use 100 percent sustainable fuels in all its planes by 2030, it will certainly play a key role in helping the aviation industry achieve its goal of cutting its carbon emission in half by 2050.

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