Today’s Solutions: October 04, 2022

We’ve trained robots to clean our homes, build cars, and even cook, but in honor of the New Year, the Boston Dynamics team decided to take a more celebratory approach to robot programming. The team’s latest video features a crew of robots busting out their best dance moves in a choreographed routine to The Contours’ “Do You Love Me.”

The video features four different robots participating in both synchronized choreography and solos. The complex dance moves might even outdo some human dancers you know. 

Although entertaining, the video also demonstrates how far companies like Boston Dynamics have come in computer programming and robotics. Initially launched in 1992 as a spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the company was recently purchased by Hyundai after finding notoriety for its dog-like quadrupedal robots. Its first commercial robot, Spot, was purchased by Alphabet in 2013. You can check out the video yourself here.

Image source: Boston Dynamics 

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