Portable cleaner makes menstrual cups convenient and even more sustainable

Menstrual cups are a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons, but using them out and about often requires washing them in a public sink. To make their use easier for women everywhere, Emanui has designed a portable menstrual cup cleaner that makes the cleaning process more convenient, discreet, and sustainable. 

The small handheld cleaner weighs just 115 grams, fits easily in most purses, and uses 2,500 percent less water than washing your menstrual cup in a sink. Users simply fill the base of the device with water and place the menstrual cup inside. Shake to clean, remove the cup, re-close the container, and you’re set to go. At the end of one’s menstrual cycle, the device can be easily sterilized by heating it in a microwave for three minutes using a minimal amount of water. 

Menstrual cups eliminate the waste and potential toxins of traditional menstrual products, but their design makes having a sink readily available a necessity. This portable cleaner not only makes cleaning your menstrual cup easier, but not having to use a sink makes menstrual cups more accessible for people who are not comfortable cleaning their cup in public or those who do not have easy access to a sink or running water. 

The Emanui device is designed to be compatible with all traditional menstrual cup sizes. This new menstrual cup cleaner is a great solution for empowering those who menstruate and reducing the environmental impact of one’s cycle. If you’re interested in getting one yourself, the device can be found on the Emanui website.

Image source: Dezeen

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