Today’s Solutions: March 29, 2023

Want a simple way to help boost your digestion and improve your energy levels? Make sure to chew your food completely!

As obvious as it may seem, properly chewing your food is incredibly important. Digestion takes more energy than perhaps any other function in the body, so when you fail to chew your food because you’re in a hurry or too distracted to notice, you create a major burden for your daily energy levels.

In addition, thoroughly chewing every bite you put into your mouth helps start the digestion process before the food even enters your stomach. That’s because your saliva contains a combination of enzymes such as amylase that are key in beginning the process of digestion by breaking down complex carbs and lingual lipase, which also helps to break down fats.

Not to mention that chewing properly breaks down food so that it can be better processed by the rest of our digestive system, allowing it to absorb the maximum amount of nutrition from our food and avoiding a digestive upset.

Whether you’re a healthy eater or trying to be one, notice how you eat your next meal. Are you rushing and eating bites without thought, or are you taking the time to chew your food thoroughly? Make sure it’s the latter; your body will surely thank you later!

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