7 ways to make the most out of your almost empty condiment jars

We are all familiar with the dilemma of what to do with an almost empty condiment jar. What’s left at the bottom and along the sides of the jar isn’t enough to do anything substantial with, but the contents are just enough so that disposing of it would induce feelings of guilt. Here are seven tricks to put the remains of your condiments to good use:

Use a jam jar to infuse some booze: Glass jam jars make lovely, quirky additions to your glassware collection, but what should you do with the last sticky bits of fruity goodness? Add a shot of alcohol to the jar, close it, shake it up and strain. You can use the jam-infused booze to enhance your cocktails, or you can chill it and sip it on its own. Use unsweetened black tea or lemonade for a non-alcoholic alternative.

Make an easy peanut sauce: Add some oil, lime juice, soy sauce, and some chili-flavored component to turn the residual scrapings of your peanut butter jar into a savory sauce for spring rolls or an Asian-inspired salad.

Eat ice cream out of a Nutella jar: Boost your dessert by scooping some ice cream into a Nutella jar (or another similar sweet condiment such as cookie butter). As it melts, swirl your spoon around for an enhanced flavor experience.

Make a vegetable dip or salad dressing: Utilize the remnants of your mayonnaise jar to add some creaminess to a salad dressing. Build a vinaigrette by throwing in a little vinegar, fancy mustard, something sweet, and whatever seasoning tickle your fancy. Shake well and pour over a healthy pile of greens.

Sweeten up your vinaigrette: Whip up a classic vinaigrette in a near-empty honey bear bottle for an extra touch of sweetness.

DIY yogurt cup: A healthier alternative to eating ice cream out of a Nutella jar is mixing up some thick, full-fat Greek yogurt into a jam jar. You can even close the jar and pack it up for a tasty snack on the go.

Add some nuance to your cocktails: An empty bottle of vanilla extract contains the ideal amount of flavor to add a bit of intrigue to an old-fashioned or a rum-based beverage. Swirl a bit of alcohol into the bottle before adding it to your cocktail for the perfect hint of depth and taste.

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