Netflix launches Fund for Creative Equity to promote industry-wide diversity

We recently wrote about how Netflix works to improve diversity and inclusivity in its corporate culture, but the streaming platform is also committed to taking these values into the shows they produce. The company has announced the launch of their new Fund for Creative Equity which will invest $100 million over five years to improve the visibility of underrepresented groups on-screen and identify and mentor up-and-coming talent from marginalized groups in the film and television industry. 

The new fund comes after the results of a study conducted by the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative. The study, requested by Netflix, found that while the streaming platform has made strides over the past years to improve the diversity of its on-screen talent, producers, writers, and directors, there is still work to be done. The report found that racial representation statistics were strong in some categories, but not all, and that “LGBTQ and characters with disabilities are rare.” 

The fund will work with external organizations to determine the best avenues for investment for optimal impact in the industry. The specific organizations the fund will support are yet to be seen, but recognizing the need for investment in representation is a great start. We hope Netflix’s initiative will spur similar action from producers across the industry.

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