New to gardening? Try these 5 easy veggies to get you started

Looking to start a garden this year but new to cultivating your own food? Planting a garden can be daunting, but starting with easy crop choices can simplify the process and increase your chances of reaping a rewarding yield during your first season. Today we share five of the easiest plants for any beginner (or experienced) gardener. 

  1. Cucumber. These vines grow quickly with minimal care and you’ll most likely end up with more cucumbers than you know what to do with. Start your plant from a pre-grown starter and give it plenty of water and sunlight to add homegrown cucumbers to your salads and snack plates. 
  2. Zucchini. Much like cucumbers, these squash have almost invasive vines that will grow quickly with little tending. Put your starter in the ground with plenty of sunlight and you should have zucchinis in just a couple of months. 
  3. Radishes. These spicy treats will grow in pots or in the ground. Keep the soil moist and harvest as little as three weeks after planting. 
  4. Leafy greens. The shallow roots of greens mean they don’t need overly fertile soil. Sow your seeds and be ready to harvest your own greens in just a month. Watch out for slugs and snails and protect your garden by using coffee grounds as a natural deterrent and fertilizer. 
  5. Fresh herbs. We’ve talked about how herbs can be grown in even small indoor spaces. Grow your herbs based on sunlight needs. Most like direct light but parsley, chives, garlic, and marjoram will take a bit of shade. Check out this guide to get started. 

Ready to embark on your garden? Start with these easy choices to get started and when you’re ready to expand, amp up your cultivation with a garden journal. 

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