Today’s Solutions: August 15, 2022

A kiwi’s humble, small, brown packaging may not be visually enticing, but open it up and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at its vibrant and juicy contents. You may also be surprised to learn that kiwis are considered one of the most nutritionally dense fruits.

Here’s why you should consider consuming more of this fuzzy fruit.

They’re super nutritious

While oranges are the fruit most often associated with vitamin C (and rightfully so, as one orange contains 80 percent of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C), kiwis give them a good run for their money, packing 71 percent of the daily recommended intake.

Kiwis are also a surprisingly good source of potassium. One kiwi packs 215 micrograms of potassium, which is still less than the 375 micrograms a banana can offer you, but kiwis also contain less sugar and calories.

They are also filled with a variety of nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, copper, and manganese.

Kiwi may help you lose weight

Kiwis are very low in fat and in calories, containing only 42 calories per fruit. Plus, even though they taste quite sweet, they only have six grams of sugar per fruit — half the amount of sugar that one red delicious apple has.

These factors, in combination with the 2.1 dietary grams of dietary fiber to make you feel full, make kiwi a great snack for people who are trying to lose weight.

They’re great for your gut

The next time you eat a kiwi, make sure to eat the (edible) skin, which along with the seeds, contains insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber doesn’t dissolve in water, which is wonderful for keeping your gut healthy because it adds bulk to your diet and has a diuretic effect.

The juicy green meat of the kiwi also has soluble fiber. Both types of fiber are linked to improved bowel function and help prevent constipation.

Kiwi may help prevent heart disease.

According to an older study, eating two to three kiwis daily can help lower blood triglyceride levels by up to 15 percent.

They promote blood clotting

Kiwis are a fantastic source of vitamin K, a nutrient that is lacking in most people’s diets. One kiwi contains 23 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin K, which is essential for bodily functions like normal blood clotting, which works to reduce the risk of excessive bleeding should you injure a blood vessel.

Kiwi lowers your blood pressure

According to a 2014 study, eating three kiwis a day may keep the doctor away better than an apple a day, as kiwis were found to lower your blood pressure even more than the classic apple.

Lower blood pressure is linked to a lower risk of suffering from a stroke or heart attack.

They help you breathe easier

A study carried out in Italy that included 18,000 children found that children who ate fruits rich in vitamin C (like the kiwi) were better protected against wheezing and other respiratory symptoms. Vitamin C also reduces exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB), the narrowing of your airways after vigorous physical activity, so consuming more of it may help treat asthma and improve lung function.

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