Today’s Solutions: September 22, 2023

A new species of frog, dubbed the “zombie frog,” has been discovered in the Amazon jungle. Fortunately, these frogs are not actually undead, but rather their name was chosen because researchers look like zombies due to the tedious amount of time it takes to dig these little guys up from under the ground.  

The species measures only 1.5 inches and is characterized by an orange-spotted appearance, plump body, and pointed nose. Little else is known about this species. They live underground, and males only emit calls during or just after heavy rains. 

In a published paper, the team who discovered the zombie frog discovered two other species in the same genus, and believe in the remote region of the Amazon jungle where the zombie frog was discovered, “there may be six times more species than currently recognized.” 

70 percent of amphibian species are currently threatened with extinction, making the team’s discoveries an important find. 

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