UK painter uses her talent to support wildlife conservation

UK-based painter Sophie Green combines her artistic talent and passion for wildlife conservation to raise awareness of the splendor and vulnerability of endangered animals. She paints photorealistic portraits with empty backdrops to capture the essence of giraffes, bison, elephants, and other animals.

“It is my view that everybody should be making a concerted effort to improve the dire situation that our planet is currently in; whether it be through donating time, money, making lifestyle changes, or education others,” Green says. “For me, I use my art to depict both the beauty and the vulnerability of the natural world, raise awareness for conservation issues, and encourage others to consider how they too can make a difference.”

Each animal that she features in her work is depicted with incredible detail to inspire viewers to reflect on the subject’s unique beauty and to seriously consider their future on earth. Green donates ten percent of the profits of each piece to wildlife and conservation charities.

To support the cause, you can find Green’s original paintings and limited edition prints on her online store.

Source Image: Sophie Green Fine Art

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