Today’s Solutions: December 05, 2021

Earlier this year, we shared the exciting news about the Parisian plan to turn the iconic Champs-Élysées avenue into a public garden.

With the same goal of greening up the French capital, a new urban design proposal, created by architecture firm Rescubika, showcases how the future of Paris’ urban fabric will have social-cohesiveness and sustainability at its heart. The design — called the Garden City of the Crescent Moon — focuses particularly on the Bois de Vincennes, the city’s largest public park, which sits on the Lac des Minimes.

Promoting urban agriculture is a key component of the plan, which intends to dedicate a significant portion of the park towards growing herbs, spices, and vegetables — all in a bid to support eating locally. This is especially important since, in addition to producing food, urban farming is known to improve soil quality and reduces air pollution.

The design also doesn’t fail to include spaces for housing, sports facilities, and areas for cultural activities. Overall, the project is intended to resemble canyons and follows the original bend of the Lac des Minimes and its islands.

As part of the project, all yards, roofs, and public spaces in the Garden City will be put to good use by dedicating the space for growing produce and livestock. The hyper-localized agriculture will also be reflected by allowing the public to grow a variety of plant crops, including corn, beans, and herbs.

All in all, the design aims to show how cities can become symbols of resilient and self-sustaining environments, and how urban farming can significantly improve the livability of cities.

Image source: Rescubika

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