Today’s Solutions: October 17, 2021

Digital nomadhood has been on the rise since before the pandemic, which only accelerated the shift from working in traditional offices to location-independent remote work that relies only on a good internet connection.

As we adapt to the Covid-19 virus, remote workers everywhere are likely itching to fully embrace the nomadic freedom that is within their reach as travel ramps back up.

According to a 2020 report by MBO Partners, the digital nomad population in the US rose from 7.3 million in 2019, to 10.9 million in 2020. The recently released 2021 report says that since then, the number has risen to 15.5 million, meaning that the number of American digital nomads has risen by 100 percent in two short years. That said, the new and alluring reality of the digital nomad isn’t always easy, especially for those of us who like the comfort of home.

While being on the road can be exciting and eye-opening, many digital nomads will still struggle to escape the occasional bout of homesickness. Here are five tips that can help you cultivate a sense of home, even while exploring a completely foreign space.

5 Tips to find a sense of home as a digital nomad
  1. Pace yourself

    You may imagine that your new life as a digital nomad will consist of constantly being on the move and seeing a different city or country every week. However, the beauty of the nomadic lifestyle is that there’s absolutely no rush. If you happen to really enjoy a particular town or beach, then don’t push yourself to leave. In fact, allowing yourself to develop a deeper connection to that place will help you feel grounded and minimize your chances of experiencing travel burnout.

  2. Prioritize your boundaries

    Setting boundaries is important for work and for your traveling experience. As a digital nomad, you’ll be crossing paths with many people from all walks of life. In the beginning, you may feel energized by making so many new connections, but having extensive conversations with everyone may have a draining effect on your energy levels as well. Allow yourself space and quiet time if you don’t feel like engaging as many people as you once did.

    The same goes for work—make sure you set boundaries for your working hours, as it’s all too easy to accidentally stay glued to your screen all day if you’re working online.

  3. Budget

    Maintaining a nomadic lifestyle can be pricey and confusing, especially if you’re regularly switching currencies. Be sure to get specific with how you spend and save so that you can continue reaping the rewards of your new lifestyle. Plan ahead, be realistic about what you can afford and stay up to date with exchange rates so that you can avoid returning home with an empty bank account.

  4. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

    Travel can be transformative and teach us more about ourselves. This isn’t always a happy process, but if you lean into the challenge, you’ll get more out of it.

  5. Just go

    You can prepare all you want, but if you don’t eventually act, then it will all be for nothing! No one is ever completely ready to take on a new venture, so don’t think too hard, book that ticket, and let the rest unfold.

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