Today’s Solutions: December 03, 2023

Hopefully, we are coming out of the worst of the pandemic. This readjustment period to get ourselves back to our ordinary lives is a difficult task for everyone, especially if you have to lead this effort. Increased pressure and anxiety from external factors can inevitably leak into the workplace and affect productivity and employee relations.

We have previously discussed how the pandemic is forcing us to reconsider how we measure productivity. It is also making us address how we motivate during difficult personal and economic times. Celebrating small victories is one great way to keep employees on track and enthusiastic. Here are three steps to relish daily wins as a team.

Evaluate what you have accomplished 

The first is to take time to evaluate what you have accomplished. On your own, this can be done by making a written or mental list of the things you did today to be proud of. If you’re someone who sets goals for themselves at the beginning of the day or week, refer back to these and make note of how much you got done.

Team victories

The next step is addressing victories as a team. This can mean taking two minutes at the end of a weekly meeting to address a group’s success or completed project.

Workplace gratitude

Lastly, we’ve discussed the importance of gratitude in other articles before. Including the psychological benefits, how it leads to more positive emotions, and generally how it can benefit you all year-round. So, you can incorporate these ideas by also praising the successes of others or asking team members what they are proud of this week.

Achieving long-term goals feels great, but the path to large-scale success is a series of small victories and hard work. Acknowledging how these daily wins contribute to overarching goals and facilitate company success is a great solution for keeping people motivated and focused.

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