Today’s Solutions: June 26, 2022

We recently posted an article discussing impactful changes we can make in our personal lives to help avoid a climate crisis. If you still have a fire within you to enact planet saving change in your community, then maybe consider becoming a climate activist.

Being a climate activist doesn’t mean you have to chain yourself to a tree or march through streets with a placard above your head. Climate activism can also be embedded in the everyday choices you make that benefit the wellbeing of the environment. Check out the following tips for becoming a climate activist, and you’ll see it’s not so hard.

Write a letter

The first thing you can do is write a handwritten letter addressed to a company or organization that urges them to take action on a certain environmental issue. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or full of statistics citing the end of the world. All it needs is an uncomplicated message that the recipient can understand.

Get online

Many people say online activism is a halfhearted form of activism, but these days, online events and petitions have the ability to raise awareness faster than ever. Take these activists that host the weekly webinar Talks for Future which raise global awareness of issues through a free broadcast on the subject.

Host a movie night

Organize a movie night and get all your friends and family informed about our beautiful world and the challenges it’s facing. There are many wonderful titles to choose from for all ages such as Our Planet, Wall-E, An Inconvenient Truth, I Am Greta, Chasing Coral, and Seaspiracy.

Engage with the government

From joining your local city council to simply talking to political representatives, there are plenty of ways to engage with the government.


Choose a topic, any topic, you’re passionate about and start a campaign based on this. Spreading the word within your community can raise people’s awareness on climate change topics, plus it lets your local government know your town is serious about these issues.

For example, if your area hasn’t banned single-use plastic bags already, help start a campaign to do so. With a few thousand signatures and support from your local community, you can get these bags banned in your area in no time.

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