Today’s Solutions: June 26, 2022

When it comes to climate change, just reading the news can be overwhelming. Hearing about wildfires and droughts, considering green washing and corporate carbon emissions, it’s easy to become stressed without even leaving your house, to think that there’s nothing you can do as an individual to make a positive difference

You can make a difference on the climate

A study by researchers at the University of Leeds and analyzed by the global engineering firm Arup and C40 group of world cities, found that there are indeed ways that individual citizens can collectively reduce carbon emissions and keep global heating down to 1.5c. There are six commitments you can make to help avert future climate crises.

This movement is called “The Jump”. It is a pledge from individuals in well-to-do countries to do what they can to help the climate. 

“The research is clear that governments and the private sector have the largest role to play but it is also equally clear from our analysis that individuals and communities can make a huge difference,” said Tom Bailey, co-founder of The Jump campaign. 

To take The Jump, individuals are asked to pledge to hold to six lifestyle changes for one, three, or six months. 

The six shifts:

— “Eat a largely plant-based diet, with healthy portions and no food waste

— Buy no more than three new items of clothing a year

— Keep electrical products for at least seven years

— Take no more than one short haul flight every three years and one long haul flight every eight years

— Get rid of personal motor vehicles if you can – and if not keep hold of your existing vehicle for longer

— Make at least one life shift to nudge the system, like moving to a green energy, insulating your home or changing pension supplier”

The idea behind this movement is simple: “Less stuff, more joy.” This campaign began Saturday, and its support is growing. You can do your part and help all of us avert climate disaster by making some shifts for a short time and taking The Jump. 

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