Today’s Solutions: December 09, 2022

These days, the dating scene can be an overwhelming place to be. With all the potential connections that we quite literally have at our fingertips, we have way more people to vet than we did in the past. 

Although the number of people embracing plant-based diets is growing, for vegans and vegetarians, this romantic vetting process can be even more trying. If you (or someone you know) can relate, then don’t worry, there’s a new smartphone app that hopes to change the game for vegan and vegetarian singles searching for a plant-based partner.

What is Vegpal?

Vegpal, which was launched last summer, is a dating app made for singles who follow vegan or vegetarian diets and are looking for “cruelty-free connections.” Vegan activist and former teacher Dahlia Eisenberg founded the app because she was looking for an easier way to meet other like-minded people.

Eisenberg was often frustrated with the online dating process that starts off with having to filter through profiles filled with hunting or fishing pictures that didn’t align with her values, and then even after making a potential match, “sitting opposite people eating carcasses,” on first dates (which often revolve around food).

“Being a vegan is about so much more than just the food you eat,” reads the Vegpal website. “Your plant-based lifestyle is based on a set of core values that you hold dear to your heart. When looking for a long-lasting relationship, it makes sense that you’d want to find a partner that shares those same values.”

How does Vegpal work?

While most dating apps allow users to connect with people in their local area, Vegpal lets users connect with people globally. Its design is also inclusive, giving users a selection of multiple genders for themselves and prospective matches. 

There is also a daily swiping limit to encourage better engagement and intentional interactions. “It’s not about endlessly scrolling and endless faces, it’s about quality conversations and connections,” says Eisenberg.

Users can also share what they’re interested in through the “My Feed” function, where they can share links and create their own posts. To sign up, there’s an application form that’s put in place to minimize the risk of scammers or internet trolls joining and harassing users.

For now, Vegpal is focused on solely romantic connections, but there will soon be a friendship feature for those who simply want to build their vegan and vegetarian friend group—something especially important for vegan and vegetarian individuals who live where it might be more difficult to find that kind of community.

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