Today’s Solutions: November 30, 2022

Many of us can already feel the heated start of Summer, along with the urge to crank up the air-conditioning. While heatstroke is a serious health concern, a whole city blasting cool air into their homes presents a threat to the power grid. Some places like Texas are already experiencing blackouts

If you want to ease the burden on your town’s electric grid, or you just want to save money on your summer electric bill, check out these seven tips for cooling your home without air-conditioning. 

Cover your windows

Keep the sun out of your home by drawing the shades or curtains. An awning outside, and over the windows will also do a lot to keep your home cooler. If you can, spring for blackout curtains which keep the light out completely and are a big help for sleeping in. Window films, thin laminates you can put inside or outside on your glass windows, reduce the amount of heat that gets in, offer privacy, and are easily bought online. 

Use your fans right

Fans don’t actually cool the air. They circulate the air, which speeds up the process of sweat evaporation, how your body stays cool. However, you can circulate the air in your home to a cool effect by placing your fans on the floor and in the corner. Colder air sinks, and warmer air rises. You can use a fan to circulate the lower cooler around the house. You can also put a bowl of ice cubes in front of the fan to help the cooling process along. 

Cooling curtains

While you should generally keep your windows covered, we all need to open the home up to get some fresh air from time to time. Take advantage of the incoming breeze and spray your curtains or a hangable sheet with cold water. As the air passes through the cooling fabric, it will cool your home. 

Turn on your bathroom and kitchen fans

When you turn on all the utility fans in your home, they’ll suck in all the rising, hot air, and push it out of your home. This will also increase air circulation around the house. 

Replace your incandescent light bulbs

Incandescent bulbs use a lot more energy, and, unsurprisingly, they waste about 90 percent of their energy emitting heat. Replacing your lights with fluorescent bulbs will cool your home while simultaneously lowering your energy bill. 

Grow vines and plants outside your windows

Some practical tips are pretty too. Growing vines or plants outside your windows provide shade like an awning. Climber vines over your outside walls and around your windows will actually absorb heat that would warm your home. Not to mention they’re a beautiful addition to the facade. 

Do your chores at night

When it’s too hot during the day to do laundry or clean the house, opt for doing your chores in the evening when the air is cooler and you can open all your windows. Cleaning at night will be especially effective because opening the windows will refresh your home’s air. 

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