Today’s Solutions: March 23, 2023

Sleep is an essential activity not only impacts our mood, but also affects the way we walk, our appetite, and overall health, with poor sleep resulting in an increased risk of numerous illnesses. Most of us tend to think that the trick to getting quality sleep lies in our pre-bedtime routines, but this is actually not the case! The real key to enjoying a good night’s sleep relies on what you do throughout the day.

To help you simmer down throughout the day, so you’ll be ready to yield to sleep when night falls, make sure to work these four tips into your daily routine.

Don’t start your day by looking at your phone

Nothing ramps up stress-hormone cortisol like attending to a phone full of emails, alerts, and text messages first thing in the a.m. Instead of focusing on what others want from you, use those first few minutes as a sacred time to focus on yourself and what you want from life. That might include lying in silence and taking a few deep breaths, repeating a positive mantra, or setting an intention for your day.

Take a daily “tech time out”

Studies demonstrate that smartphones decrease productivity, which ultimately amplifies stress because the work we’re not getting done piles up. Carve out some phone-free time throughout your day, finish what you need to do, and end the day without leftover stress. You’ll improve your focus, reduce stress, and get better sleep because of it. We know breaking up with your phone can be hard, so if you need help pulling the plug, check out these tips.

Schedule strategic worry time

It may sound strange, but setting some time apart to allow yourself to feel your emotions without trying to change them in any way helps you flush those thoughts out of your system for the day and can help you settle into a more soothing state at night.

Build recovery time into your day

Set alarms on your phone to schedule short breaks throughout the day to incorporate the type of chill time you enjoy, whether it’s meditation or a quick walk outside. Research has shown that spending time outside can boost your mental health, and cognitive function, and improve your sleep.

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