Today’s Solutions: August 19, 2022

Suffering from sunburn and just used the last drop of aloe vera gel? Don’t fret—there’s a lesser-known sunburn soothing remedy that you may already have in your cabinet: argan oil.

What makes argan oil so great for sunburns?

Argan oil, thanks to its antioxidant activity, has actually been used for generations to help prevent sun damage. It’s even been found to help protect against UV damage and hyperpigmentation (though it shouldn’t be considered a sufficient substitute for sunscreen).

Argan oil is rich in fatty acids which help keep your skin moist and offer relief if the sunburn starts to peel. Also, argan oil offers anti-inflammatory properties that make it a fantastic remedy for skin barrier repair. Easing inflammation will also help make the burn feel less tender or itchy while it heals. One animal study demonstrated that the application of argan oil also sped up wound healing in second-degree burns.

How to apply

According to Whitney Bowe M.D., the first step is selecting the type of argan oil you want to apply. Bowe suggests using 100 percent argan oil instead of one that has fragrance in it, as a scented oil may be too aggressive for sensitive skin.

It’s also important not to use argan oil on burns that are still fresh, hot, and raw. The oil is occlusive, meaning that it can trap all the heat in your skin and end up making the sunburn worse. Bowe explains that you should “try to avoid all oils or anything heavy [or] greasy until [the] burn cools down to the touch.” Argan oil will do its best work once the burn has cooled completely and maybe has started to peel.

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