Today’s Solutions: April 19, 2024

While it’s not something considered in job benefits, taking care of one’s pets does take time. Checkups with the vet and necessary treatment can necessitate pet owners to miss a couple of days of work to care for their furry loved ones

In recognition of this responsibility, more companies are starting to offer “pawternity” leave, and time off for employees to take care of their pets. 

Some companies offer between a day and a week of paid time off for a pet owner to take care of a new pet. Many of the companies that recognize “pawternity” leave are pet product and service companies. These include the pet food division of Mars Bars candy, Mars Petcare, Brewdog PLC, and the dog-walking service Rover. Also, data company mParticle is offering paid time off for its employees to take care of their pets. 

Some companies are also offering paid time off for the bereavement of lost pets.

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