Today’s Solutions: September 22, 2023

Over the past few years, there’s been a lot of buzz around meat alternatives—lab-grown meat alternatives that are— that will help those who don’t want to sacrifice the taste and “mouth feel” of real animal products ease into a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and a plant-based diet. 

Of course, to ensure that what ends up on our plates is tasty and safe, this science-fiction-esque idea takes a lot of time and collaboration among researchers and experts in various fields like 3D printing and biological technology. However, the wait is just about over—for seafood at least. 

The vegan seafood “Revo”lution

Plant-based food tech start-up Revo Foods is practically ready to stock grocery store shelves with its sustainable salmon and expects its products to be ready for consumers as soon as next year.

Right now, the Vienna-based company is already selling its salmon-free smoked “salmon,” which is made out of a concoction of pea protein, algae extract, and plant oils to mimic the taste and texture of the real deal (just without the negative environmental impact). The company website states that the process produces up to 86 percent fewer emissions and uses 95 percent less fresh water than conventional salmon does.

The vegan smoked salmon has already gone through some improvements. Revo Foods switched out soy for pea protein to make it allergy-friendly, and its newly developed 3D-printing process enhances the texture so that buyers can cook the whole-cut, plant-based salmon in many different ways without compromising texture or flavor. 

The product, according to Revo Foods, is “made sustainably in Europe,” and comes in recyclable packaging. 

Revo Foods’ next steps

However, Revo Foods isn’t going to stop here. On top of their smoked salmon and salmon filets, the company has already filed patents for more technologies that will lead to the production of a variety of vegan seafood. According to the website, their upcoming line will include salmon and tuna spreads as well as salmon and tuna sashimi. 

Revo Foods’ overarching goal is to produce vegan seafood that will reduce human impact on the planet’s oceans and avoid the consumption of sea creatures that are already contaminated with heavy metals and microplastics.

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