Today’s Solutions: December 05, 2023

In a world full of social interactions and shared experiences, dating yourself may appear unusual or even scary at first. However, as Cassie Ekstrom, a therapist who specializes in anxiety and life transitions, argues, going on solo dates can lead to personal growth, better self-confidence, and a deeper connection with your actual self. 

“Spending time alone is one of the best ways to really figure out our true selves because other people’s thoughts or opinions won’t influence us,” Ekstrom explains. So, if you’re ready to begin on this self-discovery adventure, we’ve got some terrific solo date ideas to make the experience fun, gratifying, and freeing.

A scenic hike

If the prospect of going out alone in public makes you nervous, consider going on a nature walk or a gorgeous trek. Exploring the beauty of nature is an excellent beginning point for your solo dating trip. The tranquillity of nature will provide you with solace, allowing you to escape the stresses of social settings and enjoy some much-needed “me time.” Furthermore, research shows that spending time outside and engaging in physical activity might reduce stress.

Try mindfulness techniques to truly immerse yourself in the moment, or bring along an audiobook or a favorite soundtrack to accompany your journey.

Lights, camera, solo date

Film fans, rejoice! Solo movie dates are not only common, but they may also be really pleasurable. If attending a crowded nighttime screening is scary, choose a matinée show. You’ll probably encounter fewer other viewers and be able to enjoy the film without distractions.

Choose a movie you’re actually enthused about, recommends Fanny Tristan, a therapist and creator of Restority Space, and you’ll find yourself engaged in the tale, oblivious to the audience around you.

Coffee, comfort, and connection

Consider a comfortable and low-maintenance solo date in a nice café. The relaxing atmosphere, combined with a warm cup of coffee or tea, gives the ideal backdrop for solitude. Relax and enjoy your own company while sipping your favorite beverage.

Challenge yourself to stay for an hour, using the time to read, catch up on emails, or simply relax. This wonderful self-care habit can quickly become a favorite element of your daily routine.

Sweat it out

A solo fitness journey can be undertaken by physical fitness aficionados or those wishing to try something new. You’ll have the opportunity to focus completely on your fitness goals, whether it’s a demanding boot camp, a peaceful yoga class, or an energizing indoor rowing session.

This solitary date allows you to celebrate your individual strengths without feeling pressured to keep up with others. It’s an opportunity to explore your potential and enjoy the process of self-improvement.

Indulge in self-care

Spend the day pampering and relaxing yourself. Whether it’s a spa visit or a do-it-yourself self-care session at home, taking care of your body and mind can be quite refreshing.

The precise activities you choose are secondary to how they make you feel. Make time for activities that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and connected to your inner self.

Cook up a culinary masterpiece

Who says eating out is the only way to enjoy a delectable gastronomic experience? A home-cooked dinner created with love can be just as, if not more, delectable.

Try out a new recipe, experience the process, and enjoy the delicious results. The goal is not culinary perfection, but rather the pleasure of making something great for oneself.

Raise a glass

Why should you limit your beverage consumption to coffee shops? Solo bar visits can be a memorable and pleasurable experience. Sip and savor at your own speed, whether you prefer a classic cocktail or a creative mix.

If you’re feeling social, start a discussion with the bartender or other customers. It’s an opportunity to meet new people while enjoying your alone time.

Shopping and exploration in retail therapy

Exploring your favorite stores alone, away from the crowds, can be a freeing experience. Solo shopping allows you to satisfy your curiosity and hobbies at your own speed, whether you’re perusing boutiques, bookshops, or even venturing into unfamiliar terrain like a sex toy shop.

Remember that the purpose of a solo date is to enjoy your own company without regard for judgment or other expectations. So, choose things that speak to you and allow you to experience self-discovery, self-care, and true delight. After all, the most important relationship you have is with yourself.

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