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Future of Food

Week of October 20-26, 2019

FUTURE OF FOOD: The Follies of

FUTURE OF FOOD: The Follies of Food Waste, or How to have your food and eat it too!

Someone may offer you a freshly caught whole large fish, like a salmon or striped bass. Don't panic - take it!    - Julia Child BY AMELIA BUCKLEY One evening when I was eight years old, I sat in a small french cafe with my sister and parents when the waiter delivered my father's plate - an Read More...

FUTURE OF FOOD: A life beyond

FUTURE OF FOOD: A life beyond meat is possible, and more likely than ever

Is it time to put the conventional meat industry to pasture? BY LAUREN GOODMAN When I was 10 years old, I made a bold decision, a decision that may have been before its time. I stopped eating meat and proudly labeled myself as Vegetarian. I was young, not even a teenager yet. My parents and Read More...

It’s a plant-based world aft

It’s a plant-based world after all: Disneyland introduces meat-free menu

Disneyland is now the happiest place on Earth if you are avoiding meat. The amusement park will now offer more than 400 vegetarian and vegan options across its locations. The new recipes, including steamed Asian dumplings, a chili tofu bowl, and cashew cheesecake, will be available at Disney World Read More...

Home cooks can now prepare the

Home cooks can now prepare the Impossible Burger in their own kitchens

After wooing customers in restaurants with its world-famous meatless burger, last Friday Impossible Foods has finally hit the shelves of grocery stores. Since the end of last week, home cooks have been able to buy the plant-based burger in 27 Gelson’s Markets stores in Southern California, Read More...

Regenerative agriculture resto

Regenerative agriculture restores farm and ecosystem health in South Africa

For farmers in South Africa, climate change is a primary concern, and regenerative agriculture may be the solution. Researchers have been studying South African farms to learn about how these sustainable practices could be applied to other areas of Africa and beyond.  On these farms, crop and Read More...

Amid the trend of plant-based

Amid the trend of plant-based fast food, Taco Bell embraces its vegetarian classics

As a new wave of plant-based meat hits the fast-food market, Taco Bell is proudly reminding its customers that its menu has carried vegetarian protein classics such as rice and beans for decades. Taco Bell’s bean burrito is their second best selling item, and the chain is celebrating its history Read More...

A new product is swimming into

A new product is swimming into the world of plant based meat alternatives

Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat introduced the world to alt meat that tastes, feels, and even bleeds like the real deal. Now, a new product is swimming into the alternative meat market: plant-based shrimp. Created by the San Francisco based company, New Wave, the product mirrors the flavors and Read More...

Feeding the future: Are insect

Feeding the future: Are insects the world’s next great protein source?

Would you consider eating some crickets today as your afternoon snack? How about a handful of honey ants or a skewer of grubs? If not, you may want to consider expanding your palate because a study in England has found that 37% of people think we will be eating more insects within the next Read More...