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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024
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Wielding the language of wines

Wielding the language of wines to get the tasting experience you crave

Embarking on a wine journey can often feel like traversing a familiar path, leaving behind a plethora of unexplored vineyards. While the wine world is large and diverse, most of us take comfort in the known, returning to a trusty bottle or a predictable variety from a renowned region. But don't Read More...

A group of Amphora recovered from the sea in Turkey.

Roman jars reveal the secrets of ancient winemaking

Archaeologists are still putting the full story of human history together. From the discovery of a Viking shipyard in Sweden to the Sistine Chapel of the Ancients in the Amazon, there are so many hidden treasures still to uncover. The discovery and analysis of three wine jars or amphoras - Read More...

Wine Bed

Why alcohol's giving you restless nights

There’s nothing wrong with having a drink at the end of the day, maybe enjoying the occasional cocktail hour with friends. Evidence even shows that a little red wine with dinner can reduce your risk of type two diabetes. It’s when we drink too much that things get problematic. There’s the Read More...

Red wine with dinner

A little wine with dinner reduces risk of type 2 diabetes

Everything in moderation, as the expression goes. The Optimist Daily has written about how a glass of wine can benefit those with type 2 diabetes. It turns out that it can also help to prevent it. A recent study from Tulane University found that those who drink wine moderately with meals had Read More...

Barn owl in descending with its claws towards the ground to hunt

Owls are helping winemakers stay away from pesticides

Winemaking is a delicate and millennia-old craft. To achieve a desirable product, vintners have to pay close attention to soil, rain, heat, and sunlight. Mice and gophers are other problems that vintners often turn to rodenticides to solve. In a bid to provide a more natural solution, a team of Read More...

Agroforesty vineyard trees

Countering climate change while making wine

When tackling the issues of climate change, the art of growing and cultivating wine is overlooked. Connoisseurs and social sippers the world over, though, would certainly miss reds, whites, and roses if the world became inhospitable for vineyards that make them.  As average temperatures Read More...

Scientists use invasive weed s

Scientists use invasive weed species to make wine and cheese

Looking to find a use for an invasive weed species that’s both a threat to native fauna and a nuisance to farmers, Russian scientists have discovered that the extract of the pesky Bidens pilosa, also known as “hairy beggarticks”, is a promising source of enzymes helpful to the wine and Read More...