Who are the happiest commuters? Study says cyclists.

Researchers from Clemson University in South Carolina conducted a study that looked at how different forms of transportation taken on daily commutes impact our emotions.
The study looked at emotions like happiness, pain, stress, and fatigue. Using data from the American Time Use Survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics the study found that people who commute via bicycle are the happiest. “People are in the best mood while they are bicycling compared to any other way to get around” explains Eric Morris, assistant professor at Clemson and the study’s lead author.
While it is still unclear exactly what makes cyclists happier than other commuters, there is a bit of speculation. Morris explains that cyclists are often very enthusiastic about their form of transportation, and that being excited about your mode of transit is a major factor in deriving happiness from it. Cyclists are often more physically fit, and other research has shown that people in better shape are happier than those who aren’t.
So what form of transportation is next on the list of happiest commuter? Car passengers are the next happiest, followed by walkers. Last on the list are bus and train riders.

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