Climate science was on the agenda on Capitol Hill this week…for the first time in 10 years. OK, we acknowledge that climate science’s 10-year hiatus from the political agenda is simply ridiculous considering the very real presence of climate change these days, but at the very least we can be pleased that it’s getting attention again where it matters most. What’s more, the climate skepticism that usually dominates congressional hearings for the past decade was presented as a minority view as scientists and politicians alike expressed the need for urgency when it comes to drafting policies that prepare for the effects of climate change. This week’s events weren’t a one-off thing either. Next week, the House Science Committee has scheduled a hearing on “The State of Climate Science and Why it Matters” while a new Select Committee on the Climate Crisis led by Florida Democrat Kathy Castor is hoping “to achieve substantial and permanent reductions in pollution and other activities that contribute to the climate crisis.”