How to finally beat procrastination once and for all

There is no doubt that procrastination is a shallow grave in which life-changing opportunities are buried. Procrastination is the lack of taking action. We often prefer to do something else rather than the tasks that lead to a productive outcome. In simple terms, procrastination is a pause in the process that leads to success. Procrastination can be tough to keep at bay, but there are ways to overcome it. The first approach toward eliminating procrastination is to be aware and recognize that you indulge in procrastination. Do you prioritize tasks in the order of preference rather than importance? Maybe you spend more time being busy, but not productive. If you frequently postpone jobs or tasks without a genuine reason, you are procrastinating. The most viable way to overcome procrastination in life is to acknowledge it and make a steady effort in overcoming it. This can be attained by prioritizing your daily goals with success-producing activities. If this simple advice isn’t helpful, then you’re going to need to study why you procrastinate. Are you scared to fail? Do you lack motivation? Are you frustrated and don’t know what to do? By identifying the reason you procrastinate, resolving it becomes easier. If this still doesn’t lead you to an effective way to deal with procrastination, there are a number of anti-procrastination methods you can try. For instance, you can incorporate the “10 before 10” method. Get the 10 most important things done before 10:00 am, which will give you more time to work on other things throughout the day. You can also prioritize tasks and set a schedule to get them done. Each day, set a timer and have “power hours.” Power hours are uninterrupted hours in the day when you work solely on your goal with no distractions. Or what you could do is just stop overthinking, and get started on whatever it is you need to do before you “feel” ready.

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