Today’s Solutions: November 28, 2023

A few weeks ago, we wrote about a bill in Washington state that wants to add an eco-friendly alternative to cremation or burial: human composting. Well, now that bill has been officially signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee.

Traditional burial requires wood and steal and means leaking dangerous chemicals in the ground. Plus, it takes up a lot of valuable land. Cremation on the other hand burns energy and emits carbon in the process. Human composting, however, is much better for the environment. The process of turning human remains into soil works similarly to the way farmers dispose of dead animals: using wood chips, straw, and sawdust to create the perfect conditions for decomposition.

According to Recompose, a human composting company in Washington that supported the bill, it takes about a month to turn human remains into soil. The cost? A hefty $5,000, which is typically more than the cost of cremation and less than burial in a casket.

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