Today’s Solutions: November 29, 2021

Although we have the ability to produce massive amounts of clean energy today, the problem is that we can’t store all that energy, which means it’s not always reliable. Enter the Megapack, a container-sized battery designed by Tesla meant for “large-scale” storage that could help quickly deploy renewable energy and even replace conventional “peaker” power plants that come online when there’s high demand. 

A single Megapack has up to 3MWh of storage, or roughly 14 times the 210kWh of a Powerpack, the small energy storage units also made by Tesla. That, in turn, leads to very rapid deployments. Tesla claimed it could deploy a clean 250MW, 1GWh power plant in less than three months, or four times faster than a similarly-sized fossil fuel plant. The batteries can connect directly to solar, and all the Megapacks in a storage farm talk to a central Powerhub that helps control and monitor projects. Utilities that have an excess of energy can also use the AI-powered Autobidder to sell electricity to others in need.

The great news about the Megapack is that this isn’t some distant solution that we will have to wait for years to hopefully see in action. In fact, Tesla is already working with California utility PG&E to use Megapacks as alternatives to natural gas peakers for its in-progress Moss Landing project. This could not only avoid the need for dirty power but save the utility from spending “millions of dollars” each day to keep the peakers running.

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