Today’s Solutions: June 29, 2022

There’s a new way to make a little extra income on your property—and it’s not Airbnb. The platform we’re talking about is called Quilt, and it’s an app-based community that allows women to open their homes for intimate, offline gatherings, whether it’s co-working, conversation, or learning.

The first iteration of Quilt, which launched as a website in 2017, was focused more on turning homes into coworking spaces, with the roughly 1,000 members paying $20 for four-hour work sessions. But the founders soon realized that the women who wanted to be involved were not just entrepreneurs but freelancers, corporate professionals, and new mothers, and were eager for conversation and networking, not just a place to work. Smaller groups of women coming together for impromptu discussions, or what they call chats in the app, quickly became the most popular gathering type, and the platform evolved to reflect that preference.

The word “community” is overused in the startup world, but the founders believe they can create a new kind of third place. Anybody’s home or apartment can play host to an event, breaking down barriers to entry and allowing the company to scale without having to purchase more real estate. 

Upcoming events in Los Angeles, for example, include “Sexuality Chat + Mimosas on the Rooftop,” “SoCal Women’s Circle,” and “The Gift of Procrastination.” Popular topics include creativity, leadership, and money and personal finances. Keen to learn more about this community-focused app? Have an inside look right here—or download the app for yourself.

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